Best Compact Toilets for Small Bathrooms 2020 Reviews

Best Compact Toilets for Small Bathrooms 2020 Reviews

Do you own a small bathroom and you wish to have a compact toilet in it? Or you own a large bathroom but just want your toilet to occupy a little space? Then worry no more, as Compact toilets will provide you with just that. The Compact toilet is the ideal toilet for a small-spaced bathroom. Choosing a Compact toilet means selecting a solution that fit perfectly to residential, tiny house toilet option or commercial bathrooms.

Top 7 Compact Toilets For Small Bathrooms

Sadly, the market is filled with compact toilets from good to great with all the features found in standard toilets. This article is here to help you get the best Compact toilet for your bathroom.

TOTO CST454CEFGN01 Drake II Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

This toilet is our best toilet recommendation for your small bathroom. This model is an elongated toilet that comes in two parts. This toilet is a universal Height toilet that has a comfortable set and height for all ages. It is an ADA – Complaint in which older adults and disabled find it easy to use. It comes in four colors namely Bane, Colonial White, Cotton white, Sedona beige. This multiplicity of color makes its suitable taste for modern bathrooms. Although, it comes with an elongated seat bowl, yet it only occupies a little space. If you want to save some space in your bathroom, then TOTO Drake II is your best choice.

Moving on, this toilet only consumes a low rate of water per flush. It takes 1.2 gallons of water per flush which is about 20% of water when compared to other toilets. This toilet model comes with a dual flush which gives you the freedom to choose the less water mode for flushing liquid waste. This dual flush system is further enhanced by the presence of the double cyclone technology that provides a robust centrifugal rinse and makes your flushing fast and cleaned entirely without leaving any waste behind. This toilet does not need regular cleaning because you can be assured of getting a clean toilet every time you flush since it comes with a CEFiONITECT glaze finish that provides the bowl a lubricious quality.


  • Compact size
  • Presence of CEFiONTECT glaze finish
  • Comes with double cyclone technology
  • Consume only 1.28 gallons of water per flush
  • Multiplicity of colors


  • It does not come with a seat

WoodBridge T-001 Dual Flush Elongated One-Piece Toilet

This toilet, unlike TOTO Drake, only comes in one-piece. Despite being an elongated toilet, this toilet has a compact design that makes it one of the best Compact toilet in the market. This model also comes with a dual flush which gives you the power to choose between two GLFs. Likewise, this toilet comes in different colors.

Furthermore, this toilet has a high- end soft closing lid that makes it easy to release the sect off to tighten and clean after several years of use. This soft closing of prevents the slamming of the seat thereby enhancing the durability of the seat. Also, the toilet features a Comfort Height design with an ideal chair-height seating that makes it less challenging for adults to sit down and stand up.

Do you know what? You do not need to request for the service of a plumber or get a neighbors land to install this toilet model. This is because all necessary accessories such as floor bolts, high-quality wall ring, toilet come with the toilet when bought. Despite its small size, you will never deal with any clog since its flush is sufficient to clear any human waste. More importantly, this toilet makes use of 1.28 gallon per flush which means saving up to 16500 gallons per year and fewer bills.

Lastly, this toilet comes with a Siphon Flushing Design to provide robust and super quiet flush operation. It has 5-year limited warranty against fading and staining on the porcelain part and 1-year warranty on the soft closing toilet and flushing mechanism.


  • Dual Flush
  • Comes with a soft closing lid
  • Comfort height design
  • Easy installation
  • 5-year warranty
  • Consumes lower rate of water


  • One-year warranty on the soft closing toilet and flushing mechanism

Toilet Galba “24” “25” inch Small Toilet

Unlike brands like TOTO, American standard, Kohler, WoodBridge, etc. this brand is an up and coming brand. Despite its place in the toilet market, it is an excellent choice for people who have a limited bathroom and want to leave some space for other projects. This toilet model is an elongated and one-piece toilet. It comes with a dual flush that gives you the freedom to flush liquid waste separately from solid waste by using less amount of water. It design profile feature is a one-piece skirted unit that is easy to keep clean while its self-cleaning glaze surface prevents skid marks and gives a cleaner flush. The same also prevents the unit from changing color, rusting or scratching. This toilet is made from vitreous glazed china, with a combination of fillings.

On top of that, the toilet has the design that ensures that the toilet is pretty durable and makes it one of the most attractive models on the market today. It also features a large flush diameter that keeps your toilet sanitized for long. It adheres to the National Standards for toilet requirements as it possesses hard plastic. This one-piece elongated concealed trapway offers a self-cleaning glazed surface meaning it won’t just, scratch, fade or discolor. For flushing, the toilet utilizes approximately 0.8 gallons per flush, while the full flush uses roughly 1.6 gallons per flush. This toilet is accessorized with a slow closing seat which saves you the trouble of buying and separately.


  • Dual flush
  • Comes with a slow closing seat
  • Low water consumption rate
  • Self. Clearing surface
  • Adheres to National standards for toilet requirements


  • Low level of water in the bowl
  • The seat is a little weak

American Standard H20ption Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet

As American Standard is known for innovating power, so as its models. This model is a white color, two-piece round toilet. It comes with a dual flush system that gives the users liberty to choose between heavy flush and light flush. As a user of this toilet model, you can use the full flush of 1.6 gallons of water per flush or the partial flush of 1 gallon per flush. The toilet comes with a siphon flushing system comes with a high-efficiency pressurized flushing action that makes cleaning possible with a single flush.

The presence of the siphon flushing system gives the name H2Option to the American Standard. This toilet also is a WaterSense certified efficient toilet which means that you actually use less water to flush your toilet. It comes a with a siphon jet which works together with PowerWash rim to ensure the bowl surface is free from bacteria, thereby leaving the bowl odorless and clean at all times. This product is also considered highly hygienic and sanitary because you might use the toilet without touching any part of the toilet during the operation.

Furthermore, the presence of EverClean surface ensures that the toilet remains clean and lessen the number of times you have to clean manually. Also, this toilet comes in a chair like height which makes it comfortable for all ages to use especially the tall, disabled and elderly ones. It is an ADA-compliant. Installation is a breeze for individuals who already know what they are doing with a standard 12-inch rough-in to the waste pipe. While installation seems to be similar to two-piece toilets, this model comes with grommets and bolts pre-installed.

The pre-assembled lose part is a much appreciated time-saving part of the installation process.


  • Easy installation
  • Dual flush
  • Comes with siphon jet
  • Chair height like
  • Comes with PowerWash Rim


  • Does not come with the sect

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

This is one of the best Compact toilet produced by Kohler. This toilet model is an elongated two-piece compact toilet. It comes in seven(7) different colors which are a biscuit, almond, white, dune, ice gray and sandbar. The multiplicity of its color makes it very suitable for contemporary bathrooms since most of these bathrooms are painted in one of these seven colors. It comes with a Comfort height that makes the toilet a user-friendly With the Comfort height users such as the tall, disabled and even the elderly ones can use it comfortably without encountering any problem. As a result of its comfortable height, this toilet complies with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

What’s more? this model comes with Aqua piston flush technology that flushes powerfully and smoothly without leaving any waste behind without considering it was saving system. Despite its huge flush technology, the toilet only flushes 1.28 gallons of water per flush. With this, you can save a lot of water especially in comparison with standard toilets featuring 3.5 gallons per flush.

Furthermore, this toilet is a sturdy one-piece toilet that with effortlessly fit any compact bathroom. Its elongated bowl facilitates a high comfort level while occupying a minimum amount of space. Also, cleaning this model is less stressful to clean and maintain, unlike other traditional models. Another fantastic feature about this toilet is that it doesn’t frequently clog due to its strong flush and it produces noise. Also, the tank refills pretty fast due to the Aqua Piston canister which allows simultaneous use by two or more people.


  • Multiple colors
  • Comfortable seating height
  • Aqua Piston Technology Flush
  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean


  • Maybe noisy

Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT 48 One-Piece Toilet

This product is one of the best compact toilets you can ever get. It is a toilet that measures 14.5×18.25×15.75 inches. This model is a compact toilet that suits modern taste and is one from the future. This toilet uses a macerating system that chops all the waste into a slurry that is then pumped through one pipe to the waste drain. Allowing the toilet to be installed up to 9 below and 20 away from the main drain pipe.

Unlike most compact toilets, this toilet has no external water tank, and the flushing system is totally electric. This model has a macerator inside it at the bottom which ensures that no solid waste clog the pipeline. The toilet will dispose of wastewater from a wash basin as well. It is an ideal solution for a half bath in a small location. Despite the powerful flushing system, this toilet only flushes 1 gallon of water per flush, and it is considered to be the best inefficiency toilet.

It features your classic porcelain design, which is a Standard material for toilets. It is durable, sturdy, easy to clean, and it always looks nice too. It features a sleek design and chrome hinges making it’s aesthetic awe-inspiring to use. As a result of its highly efficient cleaning system, this model is quite easy to maintain. Surprisingly, it uses a minimal amount of water and still delivers the same results as any standard toilet out there. Also, this model deal gets sweetened by a limited 2-year warranty, and also they provide an extension of a 3-years warranty after registering your unit.


  • Powerful flushing system
  • WaterSense certified
  • It uses electricity
  • Comes with vitreous china
  • Compact size


  • It is sometimes noisy
  • Sometime clogs

Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle Comfort Height Toilet

The toilet model is a comfort height one-piece elongated compact toilet. This toilet as a result of being an ADA-compliant has a comfortable height seat for all ages exceptionally the tall, elders and disabled. Also, it is an EPA WaterSense certified that helps to save a lot of water during both heavy flush and light flush. This toilet operates on just 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This toilet is considered to be both eco-friendly and user-friendly. This toilet comes complete with a quiet close seat and lid as well as a trip lever. This toilet model is manufactured from vitreous China with a high gloss glaze finish.

In addition to that, it comes with an Aqua Piston flushing system that aids fast and smooth flushing of both liquid and solid waste without leaving anything behind. This technology also allows water to rush through the bowl from all sides which rids the bowl of waste effectively. The toilet will clean even a large amount of waste completely on a single flush. This toilet installation is easy as all the necessary tools are available with the toilet.


  • ADA compliant
  • Aqua Piston flush system
  • EPA WaterSense certified
  • Compact design
  • Fully glazed trap way


  • The toilet lid seems too thin and small

Buying Guide

This article on the best compact toilet for small bathrooms will be useless without having the buying guide. The buying guide gives the conditions and what you should consider before going for a compact toilet. This article gives you guidelines on what you should know before going for a compact toilet.


Compact toilets are always the best option for a small bathroom. Before you go for one, you should check the front and length of your toilet. If your toilet is big, then you do not need to go for a compact design, you can at least go for a standard toilet.

Also, one-piece and two-piece toilet consideration should be taken important also if your toilet is two-piece, it tends to accommodate lots of space while one-piece toilet tends only to eat up a smaller area. The bowl shape such as round, elongated and square should also be considered.


Most compact toilets for small bathrooms come in two major materialistic forms. The materials are ceramic or porcelain and nitrous china material. The ceramic material is reliable, durable and cheap while the nitrous china shines better and denser.