How To Choose A Mattress For Summer

How To Choose A Mattress For Summer

Imagine that after withstanding the burning temperature outside for a whole day, you have little time to rest on your bed, but the mattress doesn’t support your sleep. It may be too hot, too firm, dirty or can’t absorb sweats well.

That would be a nightmare. A mattress can literally affect your sleep quality so it would be awful if you have to put up with a one that does not meet your demands . In this article, I will show you which mattress is the best for summer

The Standard For Mattress Used In Summer

Summer is the scorching  time of the year in which we sweat lots. This is a favorable chance for bacteria to attack us and does harm to our health. Thus, a mattress qualified for the summer has to be cool and airy. Types of mattress that gain the most attention from customers on the mattress market are spring mattress, natural latex mattress, foam mattress, cotton mattress, …

The question is: what’s kind of mattress is the best for summer? Keep following, we’re gonna reveal to you the three types of mattress that you should use in summer

1. Rubber Mattress (Natural Latex Mattress)

Firstly, I would like to introduce a rubber mattress. ”Rubber” here must be natural rubber or natural latex, the material used for making a mattress has to be organic, originating from nature, not chemicals. Rubber mattress has many air-holes to boost the coolness and airiness. Besides, a mattress made from natural latex is anti-toxic because it is made from organic components. It has a great outlook and contributes to the image of your home. 

However, one thing that may confuse people who are tending to buy natural latex mattress is that it is very costly. You can’t find a natural latex mattress that is under $600 . Its price ranges from 600$ to perhaps thousands of dollars  depending on the size and brand of the mattress. But don’t worry, you get what you pay for.

2. Spring Mattress

This is regarded as an innovative product of your bedroom during hot days of summer. Flexible, smooth and airy materials are components making spring mattress. You can feel the comfort clearly when using it. Unlike natural latex mattress, spring mattress has a more reasonable price. Its price starts at $200, and none exceeds $1000. 

All of the spring mattresses come with remarkable qualities such as antibacterial, airy, anti-insects.

3. Waterbed Mattress

With regions having scorching temperature, mattress manufacturers come up with a creative idea: waterbed mattress. A waterbed mattress is much more affordable than another mattress. The pad of the waterbed mattress is divided into many small trenches. Inside the trenches is water. Hence, it can cool down your temperature and massage your back, especially when you have backache and get stressed

Check Carefully Before Using

Before purchasing, you have to examine every detail of the mattress. If you find errors from manufacturers, you will have the right to ask for another placement. You should check the pad of the mattress to see whether it is airy or not. Nowadays, on the market, there are many kinds of mattress with various prices and quality. Unless you are cautious, you may get shoddy products or overpriced ones. Therefore, you had better buy a mattress from valid stores or companies.

How To Clean Mattress In Summer

The climate in summer is encouraging bacteria to prosper and affect humans. If we don’t take care of our mattress and leave it dirty, bacteria can have you come down with illness anytime . When you want to use a waterbed mattress or natural latex mattress, you have to clean it carefully by changing the bedsheet. A sunny and windy day will be the greatest chance to wash and air-dry your mattress . If the mattress is not too dirty, then you just need to use a stick and hit the mattress with it to remove dirt.  

In summer, we sweat a lot , so there is a risk of having skin problems. To avoid it, you should change the mattress cover often. Besides, the mattress ought to be dried under the sun one time every three months.


Above is some information about how to choose a proper mattress in summer. I hope that with this piece of information, you can get a suitable mattress that suits your demand and budget.